Web Portals

Cloud based portals will allow your business to benefit in making staff and supplier efforts faster and more cost effective. Making information easier and faster to access from multiple locations.

Extended Access

Connex3ion has a wide portfolio of developed portal systems for your business. From fleet management to remote access to documentation and drawings from remote sites. We specialize in fast, secure portals that allow our clients to securely share and integrate their business where they need to.

Intergrated Solution

We work with you to unite your business data and create a single repository, creating an all in one solution that not only provides a portal to your employees and suppliers but also improves the way you do business and manage your data.

Bespoke Functionality

We develop each portal system bespokely, tailoring our efforts to match your requirements. We work in an agile structured fashion involving all our clients in every stage of the development process ensuring every client gets the solution they want.

Advanced Security

Security is amoungst our primary concerns right from the start of every project. We follow best practices on all our developments, hardware and deployments to ensure your solution is both secure and updatable to cope with emerging threats.

Proven Architecture

With our wide range of development experience we pride ourselves in our conformance to modern standards and technologies. We always strive to use the latest releases in technologies in all our developments.

Our portals help you to utilize information acquired from geographically and functionally dispersed teams across your organisation. With special emphasis on efficiency, management and security.

The way we approach every project ensures the portal application we build for you perfectly meets all your needs and requirements.

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