Web Applications

From Bespoke Mobile Optimised Responsive Websites to Web based CMS systems and applications to help you manage your online presence.

Your Business, Online

At Connex3ion we have a wide variety of web based solutions to help you both promote your business online and develop applications including Web Portals and CMS systems to achieve whatever you require on the web.

Bespoke Websites

Promote your company online with a website that matches your needs perfectly. Built to your specifications and requirements and made unique to bring home the nature of your business and show it to your customers.

Web Portals

Integrate and share documentation and business functionality with employees and suppliers. Web portals give you the ability to automate sharing across geograhical areas and manage remote employees as well as giving suppliers needed access to your business.

Bespoke Applications

Our team of software developers are fully trained and very knowledgable in their fields. We pride ourselves in being able to build whatever our clients can think of and deliver it to the highest of standards.


To start selling online requires time, knowledge and a powerful website. Capable of managing stock, being managed and taking secure payments. We have a vast knowledge of not only modern development but in SEO and PPC as well to advise you on your road to the online market place.

Web Based Support

All websites need support and updating from time to time. We can provide monthly support for your web applications and hosting solutions to allow you to keep your applications online and up to date.


Connex3ion has a great team with a wide variety of programming languages and skills. Boasting expertise in .NET, Java, Sharepoint, MVC, Webforms, WCF, WPF and many other programming platforms.

We take an agile approach to all our CMS developments, working closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and involving them in all stages of the development lifecycle.

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