Resource Planning

Cloud based portals will allow your business to benefit in making staff and supplier efforts faster and more cost effective, making information easier and faster to access from multiple locations.

Resource Planning

Covering human resource management to finance management and order processing, we are able to deliver a solution that perfectly fits your needs and requirements.

Business Planning

Allowing you to plan and control your enterprise resources effectively through controlled intelligent management, analysis and forecasting, including summarization and dashboards with multiple analytical charts and data visualisation tools to help you make better decisions, faster.


Create a complete procurement management system, search, create and retain vendor information, track changing pricing and streamline purchase-order creations. Enable quality management information suppliers and all goods purchased.

Production Management

Create production plans as needed, allocate resources and setting material orders. Efficiently control production with work hours security and time scales.


Simplify finance management and control your balance sheets, cash flow, payroll, accounts management and reconciliation. Produce financial reports to help your business adapt and grow as well as forecast revenues and seconds.

Inventory Management

Create highy detailed inventory management, facilitate and automate recurring transactions and manage all aspects of inventory including delivery and extra product information.

Human Resources

Automate typical human resource procedures such as payroll processes and staff managment. Track efficency and workload as well as view job histories and identify weaknesses.

Connex3ion develops a wide range of resource planning applications to help our clients to streamline and gain a better understanding of their businesses. The advantage of a RMS is the level of instant knowledge it brings to our clients as well as automating a great many day to day business activities, saving a great deal of work hours and resources.

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