Billing and Payment Systems

Connex3ion develops and offers online billing, invoicing and payment systems to suit your requirements. All our payment systems are PCI-DSS compliant and developed to be as secure as possible.

Secure Reliable Billing and Payments

We develop and support a wide range of web-based and mobile payment and billing solutions including and not limited to PayPal intergrations, WorldPay Intergrations and Bank based payment solutions.


We at Connex3ion build a vast variety of Billing Systems that support such features such as Invoice Templating, Quotations, Tax Calculations, Currency Exchange Rates, Financial calculations, Expense management and many more..


We have vast experience in developing billing solutions to meet your business needs. Our engineers have experience in working with receipting, recurring subscription payments, partial payments, multiple invoice payment and tariff management.

Customer Management

Our billing systems can also be engineered to help you manage your customers allowing you to better understand and analyse your data and business. Helping you to manage POS, debt collection, discount and loyalty programs and disputes.

Industry Standards

All of our billing, invoicing and payment systems meet industries standards on security and defenisve coding. All our deployments are PCI-DSS compliant and updated consistantly to meet new threats and adapt to a changing marketplace.


With all our payment systems we offer prototypes and training to allow your business to manage the deployment of any new systems with ease, full awareness of all functionality that both your employees and your clients need to be aware of.

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