E-commerce Solutions

Selling online can be a huge challenge. We at Connex3ion have a wide range of experience in developing E-commerce websites and offering our clients advice with their SEO and PPC.


E-commerce websites must be up to date, work on all devices, disabled access friendly, be secure and well promoted.

We at Connex3ion understand this can be a huge challenge and have helped a number of clients to fulfill their ambitions of selling their products online.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce websites differ from regular websites mostly in the inclusion of management systems and online payment systems as well as a far higher level of perfection required in order to be successful. Connex3ion has a great knowledge in what it takes to sell online.

Product Promotion

To sell any product online it has to be well presented and promoted. At Connex3ion we have an expert team which can help you to fully realize each products online potential with styling and photography as well as on page promotion and offers.

Secure Hosting

One of the major factors shoppers consider when purchasing from an online store is the security of the site they are visiting. All of Connex3ions applications are hosted on PCI-DSS compliant servers, making them as secure as possible.


Promoting your business through PPC requires a structured and controlled approach to ensure your funds are being used properly to build your business and maximise your sales. Connex3ion have a wide array of clients we manage this process for.


SEO promotion comes in a variety of forms. Connex3ion has a vast knowledge of on page and off page SEO to help you make the correct decisions in promoting your website online.


Connex3ion has a great team with a wide variety of programming languages and skills. Boasting expertise in .NET, Java, Sharepoint, MVC, Webforms, WCF, WPF and many other programming platforms.

We take an agile approach to all our CMS developments, working closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and involving them in all stages of the development lifecycle.

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