Content Management Systems

The services we offer here at Connex3ion help you to organise and streamline your business content. Allowing for better control of business documentation and analysis of business processes. Our services include improved security, process routing and storage.

Enhanced Management and Control

Connex3ion has vast experience in developing both cloud based and office content management systems to help our clients organise and streamline the way they do business.

We personally develop all of our CMS systems, creating a solution which is both bespoke and the perfect solution for your business. We take into consideration all of our clients needs to deliver your ideal system.

Our experience in developing a wide range of content management solutions allows us to offer the very best in CMS systems for our clients.

Automatic Data Entry

CMS systems can automate data entry over various tools. Creation of invoices automatically adding to accounts and automatic payment allocations is just one example.


CMS systems create a single point of data enabling various departments to share information quickly, formatted and efficiently. Allowing for various departments to work faster and collaborate over projects, view doucmentation and improve business knowledge.


CMS systems can automate and manage business storage of vital data nd information. Replacing paper documentation and streamlining your business.

Data Searches

Indexing and storing data on a managed system brings the advantage of cleaner and more efficienct search functionality via keyword and content searching.

Process Management

CMS systems can automate and manage your business processes and manage day to day tasks, saving man hours on repetitive tasks and business functions.


CMS systems can be inter-linked with various other projects such as social media, websites and web applications to allow for automatic publishing of information and campaign management.


Connex3ion has a great team with a wide variety of programming languages and skills. Boasting expertise in .NET, Java, Sharepoint, MVC, Webforms, WCF, WPF and many other porgramming platforms.

We take an agile approach to all our CMS developments, working closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and involving them in all stages of the development lifecycle.

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