Business Intelligence

Connex3ion have a wide portfolio of business intelligence systems which help our clients to manage and operate their businesses. Helping them to eliminate waste and enable stronger strategic decision making.

Business Intelligence

We develop and maintain a range of business intelligence systems for a wide variety of clients. From personnel management to healthcare. These systems are fundamental to a lot of clients in understanding their businesses and analysing their efficiency and identifying problems as they emerge as well as making critical business solutions with relevant information.

Analysis and Reporting

Produce detailed and timely reports for your business. Generate company critical information based reporting functionality and analytical tools to enable your business to quickly identify opportunities and weaknesses.

Data Systems

Low quality data cannot be properly utilized for business analysis. Connex3ion can help you to migrate your old data to new technologies to enable you to properly utilize all your business information.

Intuitive UI's

All of our systems come built with the end-user in mind. We place special emphasis on developing our applications to be responsive and user-intuitive to allow for easy and seamless business intergration for our applications.

Agile Development

With some of our projects we offer agile development. Our developer will be on site for the development of your application, ensuring you have full control over the development of your bespoke software and ensuring perfection of all your interfaces and applications.


All of our implementations are completed according to our clients schedule. We offer training and data migrations to help ease the process of bringing your new business intelligence solutions to life. We have experience in deployments in a huge range of different set-ups and enviroments and staff dedicated to in-house training.

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