Connex3ion's specialists are experienced in engineering bespoke solutions to perfectly fit your business needs.

Web Applications

Connex3ion develops, monitors and maintains a vast array of web based applications and websites. our sites are all bespokely made and hosted on PCI-DSS servers. Our clients range from healthcare to accounting and financial services. Read More...

Web Portals

Connex3ion has vast experience in building web portal solutions for customer applications and communications, for various industries including ecommerce, Health, Accounting, Office Management and Construction. Read More...

Ecommerce Solutions

Connex3ion has created and maintains a wide range of Ecommerce websites and applications, applications ranging from Mobile Optimised websites to mobile apps with a wide range of billing systems as well as inpartial advise on SEO and PPC campaigns once your site goes live. Read More...

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management solutions serve as a central point of business content including documentation, usiness processes and data, coupled with distribution systems serving as a connection between you and your customers. Read More...

Resource Planning

Growing businesses always benefit from an ERP system. These systems allow busiensses to stregthen their compettive edge and make better faster, well informed decisions as well as centralising and controling all business critical information. Read More...

Business Intelligence

Conne3ion has developed a vast array of Business Intelegance solutions, both in office and cloud based. These solutions allow businesses to generate reports and gather information on business performance and productivity, allowing for accurate, fast decision making. Read More...

Billing and Payments

Connex3ion has a wide experience with a variety of different payment solutions across a range of platforms and projects such as ecommerce and booking systems with a wide range of supported vendor including SagePay, Paypal, WorldPay and many more. Read More...

Customer Relationship Management

In CRM solutions, we concentrate on accelerating business processes, collaboration and analysis − from account management and marketing campaigns to sales automation and customer service.

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